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Frank Burns, a manager at a commercial tire company in Spokane, Wash., has been the target of annuity sales pitches several times, but he has always demurred, wary of the products’ complexities and costs. So why, when he turned 57 this year, did he sink $500,000 of his nest egg into an annuity? READ MORE >>

After decades of hard work and diligent savings, you've amassed a tidy nest egg and are ready to retire. The challenge you now face is the need to make your nest egg last as long as you do. If outliving your money is your greatest financial fear, the lifetime income annuity may be just what you need. READ MORE >>

If you're looking at your retirement fund, or you're not looking at it because you don't have one yet, you may be wondering what in the heck happened. Well, you may have happened. Yes, life events can get in the way of saving for retirement; things like illnesses, divorce, putting kids through... READ MORE >>

How will ordinary workers retire in a world that no longer offers traditional pensions for most? How will they decide if they have enough savings to afford retirement? And how can they generate reliable, lifetime retirement income?  READ MORE >>

Older Retirement Ages and More Social Security Changes Coming in 2018 Lauren Hamer  Twitter More Articles November 16, 2017  Social Security will look a bit different in 2018. Every year, Americans eagerly await the announcement outlining the various changes being made to what many consider the most important social program in the country. READ MORE >>

 We have added some new services to help our clients in finding the solution they may need!Services include:Life Policy SettlementsFinal ExpenseSpecial Needs Planning&Mortgage Insurance   Hear for yourself why people trust AIM Inc.! READ MORE >>

Shopping for an Annuity? Ask These Questions First Annuity products have a bad reputation mostly due to their complexities and misconceptions. It doesn’t help that some financial professionals aggressively sell them, leading to many consumers purchasing without really understanding exactly what it is they are buying. READ MORE >>

8 Benefits of Claiming Social Security Later Here’s how to boost your Social Security monthly payments.   "Every month you delay your Social Security gets you a higher monthly payment for life." You will qualify for bigger monthly payments from Social Security if you sign up at an older age. READ MORE >>

    When Should You Take Social Security? After years of paying into Social Security, those nearing retirement have some choices to make about when they should begin withdrawing their benefits. To receive full benefits, those born from 1943 to 1954 can take retirement at age is 66. READ MORE >>

How to Improve Your Retirement Income if You Haven’t Saved Michael Kitces sees it regularly in his financial planning practice: clients who are close to retirement but haven’t saved. “They fall into two groups — either they don’t focus on it, or they are despondent,” says Mr. READ MORE >>

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