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Aim Inc. Offering Financial Services in Upland, CA

"Place your family in good hands,

We Secure your future."

Protecting your loved ones, your finances, and your possessions is more critical today than it has been in any generation. But how you are served is just as important as what services you might need. That is why AIM does not subscribe to the one-size fits all philosophy of many "online" insurance websites. This has led Aim Inc. to serve over 25,000 clients during our combined experience of 50+ years. You will not find online quote engines here. You will not find "stock answers" to address your financial needs.


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StarsMet Harry about 5 years ago, wish we had met 55years ago!! He and his company has bent over backwards to make sure that our financial needs are well taken care of. After retiring from the Los Angeles Fire Department, there were many institutions willing to guide us to financial stability, after meeting Harry and learning of advantages of AIM it was no contest. But what we were really impressed about was the personal service and follow up that was provided. It wasn't as though once we were on board that was it. We feel that Harry is a part of our family now and if I ever have any concerns he is there to assist, guide, and trouble shoot any problems that may arise. I would encourage anyone looking for financial advice to give Harry a call. He can truly be trusted to lookout for your best interest.
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