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Final Expense

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Final Expense Information

Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense/Burial Insurance is designed to pay funeral and burial expenses at the time of a loved one's passing. Many Americans believe that Social Security will pay for their final expense needs, however the government only pays for those who qualify, a lump sum of $255. With the high cost of funerals, the last thing anyone wants to think about after losing a loved one is paying for and planning final arrangements. Final expense insurance can help ease that burden by paying for many of the costs associated with funerals.


  • Cemetery Plot
  • Embalming
  • Casket
  • Headstone and Engraving
  • Funeral Service
  • Wake/Visitation
  • Transportation
  • Flowers
  • Obituary
  • Legal Fees, probate costs
  • Minister
According to the National Funeral Directors Association, a traditional adult funeral, including a casket and vault, carries a median cost of $8,343, and the additional expense of flowers, limousines, and obituary notices can add thousands of dollars to the total cost. Many funerals can run well over $10,000. Financial responsibilities don’t disappear when you pass but are left as a burden for your family and loved ones to deal with. Final expense insurance plans can also pay for non-funeral related expenses such as medical bills, a mortgage, credit card debt and loans or go directly to the beneficiaries as a legacy gift, tax free. The best part is there are choices that can be tailored to your individual needs and budget. Plams Offer:
  • Guaranteed issue even with pre-existing medical conditions
  • No Medical Exams (based on answers to health questions on the application)
  • Plans cannot be cancelled because of your age or health
  • Your Premiums are generally guaranteed for life
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